Okay, so, full disclosure for my 3 followers, this has been an INSANE week (in a good way – SO many creative projects to tend to, and even a job interview to prepare for next week with the word “artist” in its title!!!), and I don’t feel I can give a full, thoughtful post on the current End of World Subcategory I’m tackling (ALIEN INVASION!!! Stay tuned…), but didn’t want to blemish my track record of posting at least once a week by taking a complete break.

And I just watched the recent trailers (unveiled just today at San Diego Comic Con!) for The Walking Dead and its little sister, Fear the Walking Dead:

Fear The Walking Dead 3rd mid-season premiereTrailer

The Walking Dead Season 8  premiere Trailer

Suffice it to say, I’m brimming with geeky excitement and anticipation for all the upcoming post apocalyptic carnage and badassery to come. I will try to keep my commentary brief, but:


1.) Not sure if it’s because it’s original (not based on previous source material, other than its sister show), but I love that there aren’t any comic book spoilers ever.

2.) Also because it’s original and perhaps partly due to current times, FEAR is tackling social politics waaaaay more than TWD, and it’s spot on, timely and pretty savvy. I really appreciate how sometimes, instead of going in the predictable direction we are used to from TWD, Fear does a complete 180.

3.) The snippet where Madison comes face-to-face with Daniel in the storm drain! Can’t wait for that reunion.

4.) It’s looking like, instead of a Governor/Prison scenario, the native people and survivalist compound folks will form some kind of union (that will likely be tenuous, given that Troy is a sociopath, for one) and help each other, at least for awhile.


1.) Looks like some great heroic speeches by Rick and Maggie…I kinda want Ezekiel to RECITE Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech in its entirety at some point, because he is amazing, and it would be awesome, and it would totally work, since the character was a stage actor before the zombie apocalypse!

2.) BIG badassery from all our favorite folks. Daryl returning to being badass and blowing shit up instead of weepy, emo Daryl (pleasegodplease) sorry – I am a perv for Mr. Dixon.

3.) Was looking for the beach ladies, but didn’t spy them. I have to think they’ll show up again sooner or later, because why else would they have spent two episodes on them?

4.) Jesus and Morgan getting into it? WTF? Morgan saying “I don’t die”, means he’ll probably die.

5.) And…are they trying to psych us out with that ending? Is Rick going to wake up from his coma and discover it was ALL A DREAM??? That is awesome and sucks, all at the same time.

There you have it. Some impressions. This nerd girl can’t wait for September 10 and October 22 respectively!Fear The Walking Dead Season 3B, Photo credit: Courtesy AMC


6 thoughts on “TRAILERS! WALKERS! A Giant Tiger!

  1. I really like that the 2 shows are set at 2 different points in time. When I first heard about Fear several years ago, I thought it would just show how the apocalypse went down in another part of the country, but it’s so much more than that. I love that it addresses contemporary issues, & of the 2 shows, it’s the one that’s more believable to me.

    That said, I still love the original, & by taking place several years later, I think it has more freedom to make us question our concepts of “morality.” I kind of had a problem with Rick’s side–the “good guys”–taking out Negan’s people toward the end of S6, & I even questioned their going to Oceanside & taking their weapons in S7. BUT…if we were actually in that world, who’s to say that wouldn’t be necessary? So I’m looking forward to S8, for sure.

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    1. ME TOO on your first point. I think partly the fact that it IS set in the West Coast, where some of this stuff is MORE relevant (now and in that Z/A future) in general than it might be in GA, particularly in terms of border/language/culture issues. I think it really is the better show, it’s more well-rounded, and I think it is ABLE to do some of that stuff precisely because it doesn’t have any source material to be beholden to.

      BUT YES: I still love Big Sister! Especially that finale was amazing, so much whupass! And going forward, it’s looking like more whupass is coming. I never intended on even watching one episode of this show, because I don’t find zombies to be that compelling of a monster, but being as engrossed in all things P/A as I have been for awhile, some friends urged me to check it out by saying something like, “It’s a really great post apocalyptic world that just happens to have been brought about by zombies.” So, I gave in and was hooked after the first episode, and they were 100% right: it really is a true Post Apocalyptic show, we get to see how they rebuild society! I just think FEAR has learned from some of their mistakes. And of course, the DARYL factor will always keep it…engaging…for me…


  2. Also, although I used to think Carol & Daniel Salazar would be a match made in heaven, I no longer think there should be a TWD/Fear crossover. The 2 shows feel like 2 distinct entities, & I like that.

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    1. Yes, THAT could’ve been interesting. I kinda like the idea of Carol and Ezekiel as well! HAHA, as far as a crossover episode, every time Madison dropped a hint about her past in the south, I was like, “She’s the middle Dixon sibling!!!” I was a little bummed to find out that she was NOT when she talked about her past in Alabama.


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